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Money, Law & You Xperience

Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs® / Money & You® and In Pursuit Media & Co.

Tuesday, February 22 to Thursday, February 24, 2022
Sessions:  9 am PDT /12 noon EDT to 5 pm PDT / 8 pm EDT
3 Daily Zoom Sessions With Bonus Session for VIPs

The Xperience brings the global business community together to learn the importance of the integration of law into their business / organizations which is often the source of their income

• Discover how business owners / entrepreneurs recognize how intertwined the source of their money / revenues and the law is… Its basis is law!

• Get a deeper understanding of the laws which drive (and can increase the value of) their business /organizations

• Understand the true importance of Trademarks, Patents, Contracts, Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality Agreements, MOU’s

• Learn a Legal Mindset and more…

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What You'll Learn

Law is the invisible link… Everything is connected and it shows up ­­– manifest itself in different ways

Everyone has an immediate reaction when the subject of law comes up – whether positive or negative

This Xperience will allow you to flatten the subject of law and to deeply understand the effect that law has every moment of every day in your life

the Xperience’s Guest Instructors:

Be Inspired and you will be given tools about how Law & Money are part of their successful businesses and organizations.

Discover how the masters have entwined their daily lives to be synchronized with their successful business model that includes the awareness and application of laws created to benefit business owners and entrepreneurs.

Discover how the law has helped them (and will help you) in setting up a business model, as well as how the law can hurt your business model  if not structured properly – even how it can be used against you.

And more…

Your Hosts

The Co-Creators of the Xperience

Dame Doria Cordova, PhD (Hon.)

CEO | Business Owner | Global Transformational Leader | Global Business Developer | Sustainability Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Ambassador of New Education | Mentor of Nurturing | Author | Dignitary

Dr. Lydie Louis


Excellerated Business Schools® / Money & You®

Pioneer of the entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational education industry. Since 1979, they have had over 165,000 graduates from over 85 countries, in English, Chinese, Hindi and Japanese. The work has positively affected millions around the world since many of today’s wealth and transformational leaders have applied and grown their organizations and empires using the principles taught in the Excellerated programs.

dr. Lydie Louis 
Pursuit Media & Co.

Dr. Lydie is America's Leading Intellectual Property Legal Authority’s Services. She is Founder of Business Design Success Studio, Insurance Pro 360 and Co-Founder of the Business Empowerment Network with Charles Theisen. Dr. Lydie is passionate about empowering business owners to discover uncommon strategies to impact businesses to create a legacy of wealth for their loved ones. through legal structures and financial systems. 

Money, Law & You®

Tuesday, February 22 to
Thursday, February 24, 2022
Zoom Networking: 8.30 am PDT / 11.30 am PDT
The Xperience begins at  9 am PDT /12 noon EDT to  5 pm PDT / 8 pm EDT
(Plus, Bonus Session for VIP Members)

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All 3 Days Access with Online Gift Basket with bonuses from Guest Instructors

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All 3 Days Access with Online Gift Basket with bonuses from Guest Instructors

Access to the Recordings of the Xperience the following 3 weeks.  Any recording or copying of the event would be considered Piracy and a violation of Federal Law, which we enthusiastically will enforce. 

Daily Bonus Sessions after the Xperience with all Guest Instructors present and co-creators of this event.

Lunch Business Networking in private room daily with Guest Instructors present. 

Private Social Media Group being created and will be available before the Xperience to start connecting the VIP’s!

 And more

The Money, Law & You Platform is a a new venture with 
Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs® / Money & You® and In Pursuit Media & Co.